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Main Campaign Story. (Spoilers Ahead).

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- You arrive.

- You start off trying to find your aunt who has contacted you.

- You stop at the nearest Station, and discover your aunt is Missing.

- You attempt to find your aunt by taking the random missions given by Orzu that knew your aunt.

- Orzu gives you a old device called The Specter because it was your aunt's.

- You reactivate it. and Discover the AI. But it doesn't know who or what it is. And Asks you to find more info.

- Note you will face 3 Massive Enemy Command Ships In This Mission [Very Hard]. You Defeat the Pirates and Recover The Artifact Core.

- The Artifact Core Reactivates a Memory for the AI. Which ends up being called Trell.

- (I Recommend Keeping Trell Since She Gives You Upgrades To Your Ship)

- You End Up Discovering your aunt is captured by Enemy Force. And the Militia will help you get her.

- Long Small Short Story Short. Militia tries to capture your aunt. but she flees. to station nearby. Militia is like whatever.

- (Recommend Doing Quests To Get Jump Drive For Next Mission)

- Juno mentions that there's too much attention on the two of you and recommends jumping to the next System.

-Arrival at next system, meet up with Aunt Juno at the nearby designated space station, usually named after the system you are now in.

-Directs you to an acquaintance for information.

-Depending on faction standings, you will be hailed by either Cofax of the Mercenaries Guild or Meathook of the Red Devils faction.

-Player can opt to take on missions for their new contacts, some requiring jumps to other systems with harder enemies.

-Meet up with Juno's associate to continue the main story.

-Will send you hunting a few groups of a cult for an ID Chip, which reveres Trell your A.I. and wants her for their own bad-guy ends.

-The cult is strong, highly recommend grinding to buy upgraded shields, at least Mark 4's if not 5's (Mark V's cost 715,000 credits).

-Once you have the chip, the alien will send you to the cult's main monastery, a space station heavily defended.

-You fly close, at first the defenses and ships ignore you, to launch a robot, soon it's done and as you move to tractor beam it back, oh boy.

-It is recommended you stay on the outer edge of the asteroid field around the monastery, picking off the ships before retrieving the robot.

-The mission is complete when you return the robot to the alien's station, letting him give you coordinates to another system.

-Jumping to the system, you are tasked with finding a rare mineral called Hexxite, which will let Trell make a machine to help scan for her lost memory components.

-After you acquire the mineral, she finds another piece, and you may have to jump to yet another system, be warned, the cult will be after you full force now!

-After finding the missing piece and destroying all the ships, Trell will detect an anomaly, thus starting you off on the next part of your adventure...

-You journey to the location, might be in another system. Arriving you find a Militia station under attack by the Viriax (sp) whose language is incomprehensible.

-Fending off the attackers, the militia thanks you and you go on your way, possibly being contacted about more side jobs from Cofax or Meathook.

-Trell says she has found the second-to-last fragment of her reliquary, and it's moving, on a ship.

-You find the trader but he won't sell it, you have the option to attack and take it, or the much harder and longer and less fun way to escort him to a station across the system.

-Anyway, after you secure the piece, Trell gives you a bit more to go on about the mysterious aliens that have been popping up and the Militia contacts you to meet them.

-You arrive at the coordinates and find a large unfinished jump gate, and Trell has said she can open a portal through it to the alien's home system.

-After repelling another attack, you jump to the system along with a small fleet of Militia ships. Trell finds the last piece in 3 possible locations.

-Be prepared to battle a dread-naught class warship, it is very powerful! After securing her last fragment, her memory is complete and she can remember the aliens' language.

-She learns she used to be a prisoner of the Viriax and that they want to use her again to invade all the home systems.

-She says she must be given to them and she will secretly send their fleet elsewhere, but she has to be on the invader's flagship to do it. You give her up and return to the home sector.

-She succeeds, but a few ships make it to the system which you must battle along with the Militia and Trell says farewell after saving her from the flagship but knowing she has to be relaunched back into the gate portal to keep the rest of the invasion fleet steered far away.

-After destroying the last of the invaders, Juno hails you to meet her at a nearby station to celebrate. After this the main story ends but you can continue to do station missions to keep upgrading your ship or buy bigger and better ones.

Congratulations! Now you can freely roam all the systems in Rebel Galaxy.