Cargo Holds

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Cargo Extenders increase the amount of units of cargo ships can carry.

Guild Extenders are only sold at Merchants Guild stations.

Smuggler's Holds are sold at certain stations, and they are impervious to scanning from other ships (i.e. Militia).

Name Capacity Cost Faction Lvl
Small Cargo Extender 4 10,000 CR
Medium Cargo Extender 8 28,420 CR
Large Cargo Extender 12 109,700 CR
Guild Small Extender 16 78,400 CR Merchants Guild Lvl 1
Guild Medium Extender 24 128,000 CR Merchants Guild Lvl 3
Guild Large Extender 32 256,000 CR Merchants Guild Lvl 5
Smuggler's Hold 4 25,500 CR
Medium Smuggler's Hold 8 145,500 CR
Large Smuggler's Hold 12 255,000 CR