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Subsystems are additional equipment pieces that give passive boosts to your ship.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Fault Tracker - 19,500, allows a scanning pulse to find weakpoints in asteroids that mining lasers can hit for extra yield, doesn't work with any other weapon
  • Repair Bot - 304,500, slowly automatically repairs ship systems when damaged but not the hull.
  • Maneuvering Booster - 963,000, increases ship turning speed
  • Ordnance Targeting - 96,000, allows your Snap To targeting under manual turret control to also target mines and missiles
  • Nebula Mitigation - 276,000, allows your radar to function normally in a nebula
  • Deflection Absorber - 2,808,000, hits from explosive weapons on your Deflectors recharge your main shields
  • Turret Accelerator - 99,000, increases the flight speed of projectile turret shots by 25%, which also increases their max range
  • Heat Management - 101,500, decreases the heat buildup rate by 10% for projectile and beam turrets during manual firing
  • Turret Extender - 927,000, increases the range of projectile and beam turrets by 25%
  • Turret Optimizer - 7,897,500, reduces the reload times for any installed projectile turrets by 25%, resulting in a faster firing rate
  • Hacking Spike - 90,000, increases the available time to complete a hack on an isolated satellite by a factor of 2
  • Missile Extender - 315,000, increases the range of all missile turrets and secondary missiles by 25%
  • Missile Optimizer- 2,740,500, improves the reload time for all missile turrets and secondary missiles by 25%.

Merchant's Guild[edit | edit source]

  • Detail Scanner - 95,000, enhances the information given by a pulse scan including cargo and active bounties on ships
  • Gas Scoop - 294,000, improves booster recharge while in a nebula, Guild faction 3 req.
  • Mine Repulsor - 2,727,000, prevents mines from tracking to your ship while your shields are up, Guild faction 5 req.
  • EMP Ablation - 949,400, reduces speed disruption effects on your ship by 50%, Guild faction 8 req.

Mercenaries Guild[edit | edit source]

  • Broadside Accelerator - 94,500, increases the speed of Broadside projectiles and consequently their range by 25%, Guild faction 0 req.
  • Broadside Charger - 291,000, increases the speed of broadside aiming by 25%, Guild faction 3 req.
  • Broadside Extender - 913,500, increases broadside weapon range by 25%, Guild faction 5 req.
  • Broadside Optimizer - 3,010,500, improves the reload speed of broadside weapons by 25%, Guild faction 8 req.