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System Sectors are the wider area of the map that a player can navigate around through the use of Jump Gates which are connected in a network you must follow to reach your possible destination. There are multiple routes one may take to different sectors, but it's relatively straight forward to take the route that contains the least amount of jumps to arrive.

To utilize the Jump Gates the player must have a Jump Drive installed on their ship or they will not be able to use the jump gates at all. The Jump Drive costs 75,000 Credits.

You can acquire a jump drive in the first system.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Different sectors have a progressive difficulty which sky rocket depending on what equipment your ship is kitted out with. The progression system here is quite straight forward; MK1 is beginner equipment, as you progress, the max gear for a system that should allow you to do majority of the missions in a particular system will be available in that system itself. However, this does not mean that all missions will be easily completed in this system, there will still be a varied difficulty.

Missions difficulty, though they may take place in another system (requires a jump to reach objective), does not mean that the mission difficulty also reflect that of the system it takes place in. The only thing you have to worry about upon taking a mission in a sector that has a considerable higher difficulty compared to your ships equipment, is the random interaction and hostile groups that lurk about.

The level of difficulty of a sector is directly affected by your equipment on your ship and type of ship you have. The difficulties could be one of the following:

  • [LOW]
  • [MILD]
  • [NORMAL]
  • [HIGH]

It is not recommended to attempt missions or engage in combat in systems that still have a difficulty of high and above, as the equipment output difference is quite a considerable gap and you may find difficulty in doing anything.

Sector Map[edit | edit source]

The sector map is accessed via the map and using the [SHIFT] key to expand your search area to show the sector map. (Example only! Each new game randomly generates a new map.)

System Map.png

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