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It is said that you can only get Antimatter Drives by killing Pirate Lords, Korian Invaders, and some other high level foes.

Mark Name Speed Cost
Mk0 45MW Engines 100 m/s 99 CR
Mk1 Plasma Drive - 75MW 120 m/s 2,900 CR
Mk1 Antimatter Drive 131 m/s CR
Mk2 Plasma Drive - 125MK 140 m/s 14,500 CR
Mk2 Antimatter Drive 152 m/s 9,500 CR
Mk3 Plasma Drive - 200MW 160 m/s 43,500 CR
Mk3 Antimatter Drive 173 m/s CR
Mk4 Plasma Drive - 350 MW 180 m/s 130,500 CR
Mk4 Antimatter Drive 191 m/s CR
Mk5 Plasma Drive - 500 MW 200 m/s 391,500 CR
Mk5 Antimatter Drive 212 m/s 256,500 CR
Mk6 Plasma Drive - 1GW (1,000MW) 220 m/s 1,174,500 CR
Mk6 Antimatter Drive 233 m/s 769,500 CR