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Juno Markev is the name of The player's aunt within the game.

The game begins with a cutscene, revealing that the player received a cryptic message from Juno. She is described as the family's black sheep and that the player haven't seen her in 10 years. She begged the player to meet her as quickly as possible and also sent the player the access codes to her old ship Rasputin and coordinates to Rust City, a station in a backwater system far from the core galaxy, where thieves and liars mingle. The player is then contacted by Orzu, an acquaintance of Juno.

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A little while after meeting Orzu, he will direct the player to Sandar, a Greel who used to work together with Juno.

The player is shown to be not aware of her aunt's profession, as they thought she is just a normal trader while in reality, Juno is a smuggler.

Juno is shown to be enemies with both Militia and the DoubleJack pirates, as the player must rescue her from the latter. Zenya Kerr despises her and several internal members of the Militia itself for an unmentioned problem.

After being saved from the DoubleJack pirates in any way, Juno will thank the player and point them towards a station where they can meet.

They will then accompany player to their first jump to the second system.