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Sandar, a Greel, is an old partner of your Aunt Juno, and he's an information broker. He sends you on a fight mission against (a doublejack pirate) (just like Orzu did). This includes sending you to meet with a (robot researcher).

(This researcher) needs some help and he helps you find out what the device Juno left you is.

You learn it's a Specter, which holds an Artificial Intelligence.


The cunning Greel will send a pirate named Blackhand Sims (affiliated with the Red Devil Cartel) after you. Blackhand Sims will remark how "someone" told them your location. He will hail you afterwards and show a fake relief of your survival and hands you the coordinate of (Kerr). When you finally met Juno and leaves for the second system, he will appear with two frigate bodyguard ships and a few fighters to take Trell away from you. When his ship's health drops to 50%, he will hail you again in panic and offers you 30,000 Credits to spare him. Once you accept the credit, his ship will become friendly. You can still manually attack and destroy his ship, if you want to.