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Shields are the first and foremost main line of defense for your ship.

Much like your Hull of your vessel, your shields act on a 4 direction basis, damage to your rear only affects your rear shields and once depleted, damage to your rear will affect your rear hull. This is the same with your sides (Port/Starboard) and front. In knowing this, a good tactic to preserve your Hull is to adjust ship orientation once that shield direction has taken a fair batter/blow.

They can't take as much damage before failing as your Hull can, but they can regenerate fairly quickly and unlike your Hull, damage doesn't start penetrating through to your equipment, your Hull is just exposed first after your shields fail.

You pay for equipment damage and hull damage, this is why your shield is the most important defense system on your vessel.

Shield Equipment List[edit | edit source]

Tier Name Capacity Recharge Time Cost Faction
Primary Shields 300 10s 249 None
Mk1 Shields 400 8s 5,200 None
Mk2 Shields 750 8s 26,400 None
Mk3 Shields 1,390 8s 79,400 None
Mk4 Shields 2,710 8s 238,400 None
Mk5 Shields 4,970 8s 715,400 None
Mk6 Shields 9,370 8s 2,146,500 None
Mk1 Field Impact Shields 670 18s 5,800 None
Mk2 Field Impact Shields 1,260 18s 29,400 None
Mk3 Field Impact Shields 2,400 18s 88,440 None
Mk4 Field Impact Shields 4,410 18s 265,500 None
Mk5 Field Impact Shields 8,330 18s 796,400 None
Mk6 Field Impact Shields 15,680 18s 2,389,500 None
Mk1 Aegis Shields 320 5s 8,700 Red Devil
Mk2 Aegis Shields 600 5s 43,500 Red Devil
Mk3 Aegis Shields 1,140 5s 130,500 Red Devil
Mk4 Aegis Shields 2,140 5s 391,500 Red Devil
Mk5 Aegis Shields 4,000 5s 1,174,500 Red Devil
Mk6 Aegis Shields 7,570 5s 3,523,500 Red Devil