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Ship datasheet tennhausen.jpg Tennhausen
Manufacturer: Durham Aerospace
Class: Frigate
Speed: Fast
Maneuverability: Fast
Broadside Ports: 6
Turrets: 4
Secondary Ports: 2
Component Banks: 3
Hold Size: 20
Hull Class: Medium
Cost: 172,400
Faction Requirement: None

The Tennhausen has become a standard for military enforcement, and the consumer-class vessel is valued for its remarkable combat agility and expanded broadside capabilities.

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The Tennhausen looks a lot like a larger Mastadon performs much like a larger, slower version too. Its 4 turrets are well placed with 2 along its spine and 2 along its belly, with all 4 being able to focus on a single target at large angles. The only obstruction to the turrets is the bridge which prevents both Alpha and Beta turrets from shooting directly backwards, with Alpha having slightly more of its fire angle blocked due to its closer proximity to the bridge.